A story.


On the heels of the bitter winter that came and settled itself,
burrowing deep into the surrounding forest,
came a certainty, 
like a creeping ice that slowly spread through his chest,
that held him in a tightening vice, 
and that he longed so badly to ignore.

She would not be coming home.


helen said...

Great picture - I see an iPhone image here - love it!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello there, I only just found my way here via 'Square Sunshine'..I'm SO glad! Your writing is so evocative and haunting. I've wandered across to all your lovely blogs and been moved by their beauty, thank you so much!


Ciara said...

Thank YOU, Jane! For taking the time to wander, and the time to comment.

Helen, yes, hipstamatic! My favourite!