A story.

About Me

My name is an Irish name that means 'dark haired', and as is the tradition with Irish names is not pronounced the way it looks! It has a hard C like a K, and is pronounced like the Russian name Kira, or like Keira, as in Knightly!

I'm originally from Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, along with my husband Jay who is a painter and who's work you can view here on his website. We have one daughter age 13 and three sons aged 15, 7 and 4, and we all live together in a little cottage right by the sea in north county Wicklow, about an hour from Dublin.

I studied ceramics and sculpture but should have studied textiles and now spend my spare time stitching and  sewing. With four children, plus one extra for a few hours every day, I don't have as much spare time as I would like of course but to see some examples of my work check out my labels 'Redwork' and 'Things I Made' over on Milkmoon, my main blog.

Other than that I love taking photos, but wish I knew what I was doing when I do! Something I hope to change in the next year.

And I also love to write.