As well as being a place to indulge my love of Hipstamatic and iPhone photos, this is a blog of images and words. Of little vignettes and quiet corners from a place in my head, a place I call The Moth House. Of significant, and also small, happenings there, the wanderings and musings and sad reveries of it's occupants, The Parted Lovers.

About Me

My name is an Irish name that means 'dark haired', and as is the tradition with Irish names is not pronounced the way it looks! It has a hard C like a K, and is pronounced like the Russian name Kira, or like Keira, as in Knightly!

I'm originally from Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, along with my husband Jay who is a painter and who's work you can view here on his website. We have one daughter age 13 and three sons aged 15, 7 and 4, and we all live together in a little cottage right by the sea in north county Wicklow, about an hour from Dublin.

I studied ceramics and sculpture but should have studied textiles and now spend my spare time stitching and  sewing. With four children, plus one extra for a few hours every day, I don't have as much spare time as I would like of course but to see some examples of my work check out my labels 'Redwork' and 'Things I Made' over on Milkmoon, my main blog.

Other than that I love taking photos, but wish I knew what I was doing when I do! Something I hope to change in the next year.

And I also love to write.