As well as being a place to indulge my love of Hipstamatic and iPhone photos, this is a blog of images and words. Of little vignettes and quiet corners from a place in my head, a place I call The Moth House. Of significant, and also small, happenings there, the wanderings and musings and sad reveries of it's occupants, The Parted Lovers.


In the morning the thunder is still there,
rolling around the distant sky.
A dull, clammy day of downpours, 
the lake a soft sheen of grey like a heron's back.

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Circe said...

what a happy thing to find this moody new place of yours... it seems the last time I visited you, it was also a thunderstorm here, and I was benefitted then, too, by the gilding of your graphite brushstrokes on a favorite atmospheric happening.

how lovely. wishing you very well.